Victoria 5 cent Obverse 2 and 3 Identification

The Obverse 2 and 3 type coins are probably the easiest of the 5 cent  coins to distinguish apart. I think you can tell these apart with your naked eye once you are familiar with them. The Obverse 3 is more common on the 1880 coin than the rare Obverse 2. I look at Victorias's fore head, if it goes straight up and then turns sharply when even with the "D" in Dei toward the hairline you have a Obverse 2 coin. If the forehead is a gentle curve from eyebrow to hairline you have an Obverse 3 coin. Good luck hunting.

Obverse 2 

Obverse 3

25 Cent Obverse 1 and 2 points of identification.

The obverse 1 and 2 25 cent varieties are most easily identified by the ends of the ribbons at the back of the hair. On the Obverse 1 type the ribbon flares slightly out at the end and on the Obverse 2 the ribbon narrows at the end.


Obverse 2