New Discovery coin!!!

1858 Small Date Coin

with a large 5 from the 20 cent  coin date punch over the small 5 for the denomination.

Here's a blowup of the large 5 over the small 5.

Here are the 5 punches used on all the silver coins from 1858.

From left to right.

Here’s a photo with 5’s from different coins. From top left.

1.       Discovery coin with large 5 over small 5 in denomination.

2.       Small Date coin. Denomination punch.

3.       Large Date coin. Denomination punch.

4.       Worn large date coin. Denomination punch.

5.       From the year punch 20 cent coin.

6.       From a more worn 20 cent coin.

7.       From a 1858 10 cent coin.

8.       From a 1858 10 cent with doubled 5.

9.       A 1858 5 from the date on 5 cent coin.

All pictures taken with a usb to microscope camera. No size adjustments.



1858 Five Cents with Large Date

1885 Five Cents with 5 Over 5

1887 Five Cents with 7 over 7

 1890H Five Cents with Error I's

1908 Five Cents with Small 8

1908 Five Cents with Large 8

1922 Five Cents Far and Near Rim

1947 Five Cents

1947 Five Cents with Dot

1947 Five Cents with Maple Leaf

1964 Five Cents Extra Water Line

This one was discovered in the 1960's. Very neat die damage error.

                                                Extra Water Line                                                                                                               Regular Water Line

New Elizabeth discovery, here's a 2001 five cent piece with a BUGTAIL? Discovered by Fordey (aka Bob Ford) on the Canadian Coin Reference Site. New Discovery of an Old Variety!