Canadian Ten Cent Varieties

1858 Ten Cents with Blundered I in "Dei"


In 1870 some 10 cent pieces were minted with what appears to be inverted A's instead of V's in the word Gratia on the obverse. Some of these have been found with the wide 0 on the reverse and some with the narrow 0. This could mean the same die was used with different reverses or more than one die had the same fault. It was first brought to collectors attention by Brian Hobbs aka Conley on the Canadian Coin Reference Site. This is Brian's picture, and here's the first thread about this neat coin.

Check your 1872 ten cent coins for this one! Discovered by Terry T from the Canadian Coin Reference site.   A's with weak or missing crossbars. Please let us know if you have one. 

1936 Ten Cents with "Poor Man's Dot".

Here's a variety discovered in the 1960's.

2007 Ten Cent Variety

Here's a very neat discovery by Kevin Mosher who first posted it on the Canadian Coin Reference Site on June 11 of 2007. The dies for the 10 cent pieces in the Olympic Special Edition Uncirculated Sets are much different from the 10 cent pieces found in circulation. The 7's are quite noticeably different. The 7's in the sets are curved, while the circulation coins have a straight 7.