Canadian Coin Websites ......knowledge for the collector

The following websites are known for their Canadian content. If you're interested in Canadian coins, tokens or banknotes you will find a wealth of information visiting the following websites.

The number one website for Canadian Coins...... The Canadian Coin Reference Site...... What makes this the best is the search feature for the discussion area of the site. Search all discussions back 4 years for any topic.

If you would like to know more about the 1859 one cent coins you must visit this site. The owner of the site is well on his way to writing the definative book on the  varieties found on the 10 million Canadian large cents dated 1859. Some Varieties of the 1859 Large Cent.

Another website with large cent varieties.   Canadian Large Cents - A Look at Varieties

Very interesting site which has varities and errors. Lots of interesting Canadian content. The Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute.

 If you also collect banknotes this might interest you.  Canadian Paper Money Errors.

Canadian Paper Money. Another very good website for the paper money collector.

Canadian Numismatic Association   The Canadian Club for collectors of Canadian coins. Lots of information and links.

Are you interested in varieties and errors? Here's a newly born club for those with interests in the area. The Canadian Errors and Varieties Numismatic Association.

Do you want to learn about the 1911 Dollar? This site has a summary of published literature about the 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar.1911 Canadian Pattern Silver Dollar.

Retail prices for Canadian coins? By Clint Cummins (1997)

Some other new variety pages. Coins-Be-Us

Grading Canadian Coins? This website has a wonderful group of photographs of coins in various grades from mintstate to good condition. The Canadian Coinoisseur.

Another very good discussion site with all things numismatic. Has a Canadian specific thread. Coin Community

Enthusiasts of Newfoundland club and new website.

For the BIGGER picture,  the British Commonwealth Numismatic Project.